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She is available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

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She is available Tuesday thru Saturday for hair and nail appointments.

Yes, real men get their nails done


Nail Services

Paraffin Wax Treatment-                  Hands   $10        Feet   $10          Both    $18

Eliminates dry skin and leaves your hands feeling sooo soft!

 Manicure with Shellac or Gelish- Enjoy the carefree way to enjoy beautiful nails!  $35

What is it?  A full manicure  finished with a light-cured gel polish.

The gel polish is a combination of nail polish with the durability of a gel. Maintenance is every two weeks, manicurist will remove the Shellac or Gelish , perform a manicure, and re-apply. Home maintenance is not necessary.


The Quickie- For those hurried days when you just need a fresh color.              $10

                                                                                             French Quickie           $15

The Mani- An Express manicure. We buff, shape, and polish .                        $18

                                                                                             French Mani               $23

The Juniata- Enjoy all the extras. We buff, shape, care for cuticles, 

Includes, lotion, massage, and polish.                                                                 $25

                                                                                              French Juniata          $30

The Paint Job- Add designs to any polish...starts at $5         

          Sometimes, you'll need a little repair,

                   extra time, and extra care...

We offer the following repair services to keep your natural nails strong and beautiful.

                                    Vita- Gel- $12- A light cured treatment for needy nails,

         available in two formulas:

                              Strength- Helps grow longer, stronger nails, and helps resist chipping for extended wear.

                              Recovery- Fortifies with an extra dose of vitamins, repairs damage. Recommended for

                                                               post- removal of acrylics or gel nail enhancements.

                                    Naked Manicure-$10 (as an add-on to any of our manicures)

                                Instantly corrects cosmetic nail problems by filling in the damaged areas with keratin,

                          and by perfecting the nail color with color- correcting diffusers for a beautifully natural look.

                                       Nail Repair- with Fiber Wrap $5 and up

                                    Custom Color- $10





The Naked Manicure- Treat, correct, and protect! Smooths ridges,

fills pits, neutralizes discoloration. Instant results, long term benefits, 

a natural look,  for natural nails only                                                                $26        

The Kiddie Mani- For youth 10 and under                                                         $12

Just for Men 

  The Manly Mani - We clip, file, care for cuticles, buff                                    $18

   The Naked Manicure for men. Treats discoloration, corrects

       and smoothes ridges while maintaining a natural look .                              $20                                                              




The Kiddie Pedi- For youth 10 and under. Includes 1 simple design.                $22                                                                                                                                                                      

The Express Pedi- A quick soak, trim, buff, and polish.                                                 $25                                                                                                               

The Necessary Pedicure- We clip, file, do cuticle care, lotion, massage and polish.                       $40                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The Necessary French - All of the above with a french polish finish.                                                    $45

The Juniata Pedicure- Relax as we buff, clip, file, and massage. Includes

a sugar scrub, lotion, hot towel wrap. polish, heated neck wrap, and a glass of wine.                                    $50

The French Juniata- All of the above with a french polish finish                                                            $55

The Whole ShebangEnjoy the best of both worlds...The Juniata Mani & Pedi Combo                   $65


The French Shebang- All of the above with a french polish finish                                                         $75

The Shellac Pedi- The Necessary Pedicure with Shallac polish.

No waiting for your toes to dry!                                                                                                $60

             * Enjoy any of these services while your color is processing. Ask your stylist!



                                     Shellac by Creative Nail Design