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Natural Manicures

Shellac Manicure- A manicure with gel polish                                                                                                      $50

What is it? A full manicure finished with LED-cured gel polish.  The gel polish is a combination of nail polish with the durability of a gel. Maintenance is every two weeks, our nail technician will remove the Shellac or Gelish , perform a manicure, and re-apply.  Home maintenance is not necessary.

Shellac Manicure w/ removal                                                                                                                            $55

Shellac Final Removal and "The Mani"                                                                                                           $42

Acrylic Removal and "the mani"                                                                                                                           $65

The Mani-  The express manicure. We buff, shape, and polish.                                                                                               $28

The Manly Mani- We trim, file, care for cuticles, and buff                                                                                                    $28

The Juniata- Enjoy all the extras..  We buff, shape, and care for cuticles. Includes lotion, massage, polish.                  $38

The Naked Manicure for men- Treats discoloration, corrects and smoothes ridges while having a  natural look.  $30

The Naked Manicure- A corrective treatment for problem nails with a natural look..                                                  $35

               add the Naked Manicure to any manicure             $12

 Polish Change  $10     Repair  $12     Designs  $5-25     Custom Color   $15     French Shellac  $15


Vita- Gel-

*A light cured treatment recommended for post- removal of acrylics or gel nail enhancments

         available in two formulas:

                              Strength- Helps grow longer, stronger nails, and helps resist chipping for extended wear.

                              Recovery- Fortifies with an extra dose of vitamins, repairs damage.

Recommended for post- removal of acrylics or gel nail enhancements.


The Express-      Quick soak, trim, buff and polish                                                                                                                             $35 

The Necessary-     We trim, file, cuticle care, lotion, massage and polish                                                                                         $50

The Shellac Pedi-     The Necessary Pedicure with Shellac polish.                                                                                                   $70

The Whole Shebang-     Enjoy the best of both worlds.. Mani & Pedi.                                                                                           $80

The Manly Pedi-          We trim, file, cuticle care, lotion and mini massage                                                                              $45

French Shellac Add On -                                                                                                                                          $15


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