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Brooke D- I LOVE this salon. The women here are the heart of what this industry strives to deliver which is taking care of and feeling good about yourself. They have created a spectacular judge free zone with such an inviting atmosphere. They truly live up to their name of the salon thats about you with pure genuine quality.

Sharon B- This is my favorite salon. I have been coming here for years. I highly recommend it!

Daniel C- Complementary wine, attentive staff. This is a great spa day spot!

Barbara B- Ladies (and Gentlemen) of Harford County you have a gem in your midst. I visited from out of town and went along with my sister for her appointment at The Salon. I ended up having my hair cut and styled. The haircut is one of the best I have ever had as was the styling. I rarely like styling so that was great fun. I am sure all the stylists are very good. The facility is lovely. 

Jay M- I have to say that the Salons name says it all, the customer service and employees are amazing! Since both go hand and hand, the employees attitude and demeanor is top notch. They arnt just you hair dresser they create a friendship that brings you back. I would recommend this salon to anyone even gentlemen. Every hairstylist there does excellent work! I would trust anyone of them to cut my hair.

Tom B- They treated my girls like the queens they are! Everyone was so nice and treated them like royalty. Hats off to the salon and their staff for an excellent job and experience they will cherish a lifetime!

Megan E- The ladies at The Salon are amazing. I walked in looking a disaster and they were able to transform my hair into something so beautiful! Thank you ladies so much <3

Kathy D- Love The Salon! The decor is fantastic the service is attentive. The atmosphere is friendly and comfortable not stuffy or snobby its like being home with your best girlfriends.

Sonia S-  Everybody is a professional star. The owner makes you feel relaxed and welcomed. All professional staff and the stylist...

Francine S- The past April I got married and it was not a small wedding party! All of my ladies locved their hair and makeup, even more so did I! I felt and looked like the most beautiful bride and thank you for making that happen! Top notch service! I couldn't have expected more. I still need to share pictures with you ladies at the salon! Thank you for your artistic talent that day ladies! 

Hours of Operation

                                                                                                      Monday            Closed

                                                                                                    Tuesday            10am-6pm

                                                                                                    Wednesday       10am-6pm

                                                                                                      Thursday          Closed

                                                                                                    Friday                10am-6pm

                                                                                                    Saturday           10am-3pm

                                                                                                   Hours by appointment only